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Theresa's Holistic Orthopedic Massage

Theresa Talley's First Blog Post

So, this is my first blog post on my new website. Apparently with a blog post I can write about anything. First off, I’d like to introduce everyone to how I became a licensed massage therapist for humans and animals which is briefly in the about section of my website so, if you haven't read that please do so. On my social media sites, Instagram and my Facebook page Theresa Talley's Holistic Orthopedic Massage for Horses and their Humans, I have educational series postings that if you like and follow you'll be able to see. When I enrolled in Dr. Karen Carlson's, N.D., Hon. Ph.D., Holistic Health and Education program I had no idea I would be entering a career span of over 30 years. Her scientific research and study in energy fields and homeopathic remedies is what makes my services holistic. It was in her program I was educated that there was so much more to us that meets the physical eye.

I had a brief introduction to this idea at my first Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation Seminar I attended about this innate intelligence that knew how to heal the body itself. I began using Perelandra Nature Research Center processes in my health care practice with humans and animals using flower essences to balance the electrical system as well as kinesiology and therapeutic touch. From there I attended the Equine Sports Massage program and took up the study of stress point therapy which I still practice and utilize today. What I am getting at here is that the removal of fiber adhesions that I am trained to detect and correct is the premise of why I created the monthly wellness plan in my practice to make it affordable and reasonable for the average back yard horse owner to have for both themselves and their horse. So, from the three-day event horse to the retired champion, the harmonious spirit of moving is being experienced and expressed.

The orthopedic part of the massage services were added after I had revitalized my massage practice with our American Paint Horse Leo who is pictured in the contact me page. After 27 years of practicing massage as a certified practitioner I completed our national exam to become licensed. I took an orthopedic massage for the shoulder and knee course with Dr. Ben Benjamin, PhD, who is internationally known and enrolled in his monthly educational program as well. His research in orthopedic medicine connected to my stress point therapy research and the rest is history. The deeper lesions under the stress points can be the cause of deformity in muscles and bones, that is where regenerative medicine comes in and leads us back to the ancient modern medicine, holistic orthopedic massage.

Happy trails from,

Scout, Sioux, Yukon, Champ, Leo and Skip, the horses that set me on the correct path and the many dogs I've walked with as well.

Thank you to Bob Meli of Equestrian Technology Solutions for developing and designing this website so I can continue to have clients reach me.

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