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About Us

Theresa Talley
Licensed Massage Therapist

I have owned and ridden ponies and horses most of my life and still have horses and ride, lots of times in our First State National Park. I developed holistic orthopedic massage techniques over a thirty two year span of treating patients at doctor's offices and Spas/Salons for pain management and stress reduction. While studying holistic health and education with a naturopathic doctor I knew, I wanted to use the modalities I was learning on horses. I found horses were willing recipients for my therapeutic touch practice sessions. I wanted to take the massage I was learning and apply it to horses and dogs.


My teacher recommended I practice on humans for three years to build up my strength and endurance. She also told me about a program in Virginia that offered equine sports massage. I enrolled and three years later I became one of the first 500 people to be certified in the world. This was in 1994.


Combining techniques I’ve learned from experts in the field, I offer holistic orthopedic massage for horses, dogs and their humans. Barn visits are available or join us at Tacker Barn across from Hy-Point Dairy for an invigorating massage (for you and/or your horse - or both) as you tour our First State National Park or saunter on the trails in our beautiful Beaver Valley.​

H.O.R.S.E. (holistic orthopedic rehabilitation servicing equines/equestrians is a results driven precise private practice. I only accept clients that I know I can help and that are referred by their physicians /veterinarians or Legacy clients already within the practice.


The Talley R.I.D.E.R. method developed over a career span since 1991 has been safely practiced on thousands of clients


 I investigate




Learn my system directly from me to give your family daily care and maintain results. In-person or by live video. 

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