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Grace Haley And Snowy

Theresa did an amazing job with my horse, Snowy. I could tell snowy loved her massage, and so did I! I got the massage as a birthday gift from a friend, and I think it is an amazing gift and benefits the horse a lot! Theresa quickly connected with Snowny, and her aroma therapy really relaxed both Snowy and me. She was very knowlegeable about horses and Snowy loved her! I really apppreciate how Theresa came to the barn so I didn't have to move Snowy at all. Snowny felt amazing after her massage and I will be sure to have Theresa over more often in the future.

My 24 year  old horse was crippled by the pain of Laminitis caused by Metabolic Syndrome. After Theresa did holistic orthopedic massage and applied Equitape, I was able to watch my horse    walk without my stomach in knots.

Before booking  my horse and rider massage, Vinny was limping and was not acting like himself. After the massage, he improved immediately. His energy levels were improved and his limping was gone. I  also didn't know how bad I needed a massage for myself until Theresa started working on me! 10/10 experience and we can't wait for our next massage!

Emily Talley-Hood And Rio

Grace Slate And

Hailey Morrisroe And Shorty

My horse Shorty love when it is time for his Holistic Orthopedic Massage from Theresa Talley. Theresa tailors her techniques to each individual horse and their human for the best possible results. Shorty has never felt better under saddle and loves Equitape!

I am very satisfied with Theresa Talley's Holistic Orthopedic massage. She did an excellent job on my pony, Sky and on me. She is very professional and did a thorough exam of my pony and treated her with positive results.

Today my fantastic boy got the royal treatment from Theresa Talley from Theresa Talley's Holistic Orthopedic Massage.   This wonderful horse deserves it .. thank you Theresa For Silver's and my massage and for the Equine Tape on his tight muscles!! He was so relaxed afterwards!!   I was too!! Highly recommended for your horse and human!!

Jamie Wittmeyer And Sky

MaryBeth Rymanski-Russell And Silver

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