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Everything You Want To Know About
Holistic Orthopedic
Massage And Pain Relief
And Movement Therapy


Theresa Talley's Holistic Orthopedic Massage is pleased to announce that we are now providing Pain Relief And Movement Therapy in addition to our Holistic Orthopedic Massage, which we are now referring to as Holistic Orthopedic Therapy. Watch our two videos below to learn more about each.

Holistic Orthopedic Massage (Therapy) uses Perelandra Flower Essences, microbial balancers, Energy processes, Therapeutic Touch, Equi-Tape, orthopedic shoulder and knee massage, foot reflexology, Touch For Health, and equine therapy with nature healing.

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Pain Relief and Movement Therapy is an inside out, biopsychosocial healing approach that involves a co-creative partnership with me. It is based on specific Diamond Actions developed by rehabilitation therapist and former massage therapist for The Grateful Dead, Irene Diamond. Manual holds are applied while the client does specific movements. This is Active Modulation Therapy also called Myofascial Therapy. With proper assessment we base our clinical findings to either desensitize and loosen the area or stabilize and strengthen. 

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