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New Client Services

These are the services Theresa Talley's Rehabilitation Services For Horses and Humans currently offers to new clients. 

Our Comprehensive Premier Holistic Balancing Session and initial consultation is a two to four hour service available at your barn or event. Your initial visit will be based on my clinical experience and expertise regarding findings during postural assessment and gait analysis along with palpitation results. Treatment notes with aftercare will be provided.



Please watch the video below to learn more about Holistic Orthopedic Massage.

Current Pricing

Comprehensive Premier Holistic Balancing

This Includes Postural Assessment And Gait Analysis,Treatment Plan, Flower Essence Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Foot Reflexology, Active Modulation Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, And Follow Up Treatment Notes

For Home Care


"Vinny Express/Target Zone"

A Quick Fix For Pain Relief

And Mobility Function For

One Area. This Is A Basic

Visit, Lasting About 30 Minutes


"Sioux Dancer
And Lyric"

This Is An Expanded Session Concentrating On Two To Three Focus Areas



"The Yukon"


This Is A Recovery Visit, Post Event To Prevent The Onset Of Muscle Syndrome For Horse And Human


"T The Arab"

This Is A Premium Prepaid Monthly Plan That Includes A Weekly Massage For One Horse And Esthetician/Skin Care



"Shorty Says" Consultation

30 To 40 Minute Consultation. The Fee Is Applied To Your First Session If It Is Decided To Use Our inside-Out Healing Approach With The Diamond Method Of Active

Modulation Therapy And Holistic Orthopedic Massage


"The Hugo
And Euro"

Focuses On One Or Two Areas For Basic Body Aches. This Session Lasts 30 To 45




"The Champ"


Sports Massage For Horse Or Human For Performance Enhancement/Pre-Event


"Smarty" Wellness

For Corrective Therapy And Relieved Symptoms. Prepaid Monthly Is $115, Pay As You Go

is $125 - Billed Is $155





"Leo Loves Results"

This Plan Is For Corrective

Therapy And Quick Results. It Includes As Many Treatments As

I Think You Need, In As Little

Time As Possible, Until Therapeutic Goals Are Achieved. Sessions Range From 15 To 95 Minutes Using A Designed Treatment Plan. Daily Phone Or Video Support Is Included. Only Two Clients

Are Accepted For This

Level Of Care.

 By Physician/Veterinarian

Referral Only


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